November 9, 1996  


Innocent idyll or provocative pinup?

Painting of 9 beach girls rejected by state exhibits

State workers deem 4 by 8 painting of beach girls too racy in 9 to 5 world

November 29, 1996

Gallery welcomes beach painting banished by state office workers

Art gallery welcomes banished painting

November 29, 1996 Who speaks for artists if some find their work offensive?
December 8, 1996 Connecticut Guide:  Removed Art
February 14, 1997 Personal Mention: Local Artist invited to exhibit at National Jewish Museum
April 18, 1997 Are you offended? Library art draws attention
Spring 1997 Sexual Harassment Fears Prompt Painting Removal
April 21, 1997

Controversial painter is accountant in disguise

Artist/accountant is at home with dual identity

Painter/accountant is comfortable with his dual identity

April 24, 1997 Art of the Hard Sell
May 8, 1997 Letters:  Art? In Hartford?
July 11, 1999 Is It Really Art Or Is It Obscene?












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